Ajay Singh Inda

Chairman, Garud Defence Academy

Youngsters in zillions aspire to join Indian Armed, Paramilitary and Police forces. However, vacancies being limited; very few are able to fulfill their long cherished dream, which they carry in their hearts. We at Garud defence Academy are committed to provide quality training in a highly competitive, congenial and healthy environment along with the best infrastructure. We infuse exemplary skills that are demanded from the students to be successful in their respective chosen forces.

Our organizational values lie in the happiness of our students. We strive to fully undertake our commitment by building a successful guidance & training platform and ultimately achieving the shared vision of “GARUD”.

The whole Garud Defence Academy team will help your son/daughter to develop his/her career in defence.

Join us in moving forward to make “the world a better place because Garud Defence Academy boys/girls lived.”